Envelope Converting Systems

The new W+D 628

The ultimate direct mail envelope production system for middle and large jobs

W+D 102 RE

The high volume production system for stationary, transactional, and Direct Mail envelopes

W+D 202 RE

The ultimate system for high volume production of stationary, transactional and direct mail envelopes

W+D 320

The short-run, fast-turn, in-sourcing envelope production system

W+D 326

The universal production system for envelope and pocket production

W+D 341

The ultimate production system for large size envelopes and pockets

W+D 410 Easy Enveloper - Envelope production of the future

The new generation of envelope machines: easy to operate and designed for short-run direct mail envelope production


The blueprint for your future mail success

Additional Modules

W+D 120

Unwinding of paper, window material and silicone paper

W+D 190

Splicer for paper, window material and silicone paper

W+D 191

Splicer for paper, window material and silicone paper

W+D 201

Scalable flexo printing machine designed for highest quality and flexibility requirements

W+D 203

The flexoprint-module is designed for integration into many W+D reel-fed envelope machines

W+D 292

The bunching device is designed for installation at W + D envelope machines and is used for bundling of envelope packages

W+D 900

The packaging machine offers easy handling and optimization of ergonomics in the workplace.

W+D 910

Automatic packing of envelopes and pockets

W+D 914 PackAssist - your reliable packaging assistant

Package your envelopes the easy way: The W+D 914 PackAssist – Your reliable production assistant