Direct Marketing solutions



Personalized mailings in a full face envelope are perceived as more personal and of higher value compared to mailings in window envelopes.


But how can you maintain productivity, control a minimum spoilage rate and ensecure the integrity of the more complex application?

With most of its Direct Mail systems these days being Read+Print configurations, W+D has developed system features that are designed to achieve the above:

Defining the W+D BB700 configuration in two sections – collating/stuffing and downstream/post processing – and separating the stop circuits for these sections. In the event of a stop in the collating, section the system will clear all envelopes in the downstream areas in a controlled manner and deliver good products to the belt; resulting in significantly improved performance and substantially reduced spoilage rates.

Reading the address (code) printed and matching the read versus the mail piece tracking of the system adds a new dimension of integrity to read and print applications.