Autoloaders + Stackers

Over the past decade or two we have seen a dramatic development with respect to performance, i.e. production speeds of envelope inserting systems.

In many applications, however, both in transactional and in direct mail, the productivity of a system is not determined by the inserter itself, but rather by the capacity of the operator to load the feeders and clear the belt – or the need to add more staff to the system.

At W+D, we have responded to the need to not only increase the speed of an inserter, but also increase the productivity, i.e. the output per operator. Thus, aside from an intelligent error handling respectively error compensation, envelope autoloaders are standard scope on both, W+D BB700 and W+D BB300 product lines.
Options for autoloaders for the feeders include our shingle loader W+D SL2, or for thicker and heavier products, our stack loader W+D US35.

At the back end of the inserting system, options range from an extended exit conveyor 4 meters (13’) in length, our vertical stacker W+D OC4 – for both letters and flats – and the W+D PT4 semi manual post box loading unit to the fully automated traying solution sima220 by Palamides.