Process integration

Process Integration

We definitely do not stop at making envelopes. Therefore, if you operate a service bureau, are an envelope manufacturer, inserter, direct mailer or overprinter, we can help you to integrate additional process steps in the mail value chain. 

The advantages of making your own envelopes


Quick turnarounds: Nowadays, time to mailbox is extremely important. You can easily cut out days or up to more than a week by making your own envelopes. This is particularly true when you need envelopes sizes that are not readily available off the shelf.

Reduced over production: Envelope manufacturers often ask you to pay 10% extra for offset convert sheets. Reduce this overproduction by controlling the complete workflow on your own premises. Avoid transport damage and control set up waste.

Optimized raw material usage: By converting the printd sheets internally, you can significantly reduce paper waste and avoid time-consuming and costly reprints. Furthermore, you can sell your cutting waste for recycling.

Lower costs per envelope: Making your own envelopes can lower envelope costs by as much as 30%.
Higher productivity of the subsequent processes: By defining and monitoring your manufacturing tolerances, you can be sure that you will obtain consistently high-quality envelopes. This, in turn, means better inserting properties, fewer jams, and thus higher productivity of the subsequent processes.

Special products: Making your own envelopes allows you to produce special sizes and special cuts with no extra lead time or additional costs.