Our Face Mask Segment

The AUXILIUM FM is capable of producing up to 1 million disposable surgical masks per day. 
The W+D/BICMA hygiene group has developed a new fully automatic, high-speed face mask converting line with a lower cost mask design using recycable materials.

Our own face mask production in Neuwied/Mayen offers type IIR surgical masks (EN 14683):

Our 3 layered medical face mask minimises the transmission of exhaled bacteria and particles by filtering them particularly well. The spray guard on the outside of the mask grants in addition a protection from saliva, blood and other body fluids intruding from other persons.

The single-use mask has two elastic head bands. A confusion of inside and outside is prevented by a blue or green coloured outer layer. A pliable nose bow ensures a comfortable fit and improves the safety of the mask.

2 versions:

  1. face masks with separate ear loops to install and reuse, EN 14683:2019 - type II - minimum order quantity: 1,500 masks
  2. face masks with two head loops if you have to wear them for longer times (medical personnel, etc.), EN 14683 - type IIR - minimum order quantity: 902 masks



  • bacterial filtering (BFE): ≥98 %
  • smooth, comfortable fit
  • integrated pliable nose bow (less fogging of glasses)
  • odorless
  • immediately available

More information

Please send your inquiry to Heike Werner.