Ideas Beyond

Together with the Swiss boutique manufactory JOSEPH’S Toiletries, Winkler + Dünnebier has developed a machine that manufactures special toilet paper that is very exclusive and even contributes to our health. A completely new level of personal hygiene: toilet paper that contains zinc in combination with luxury care products that was developed together with dermatologists and beauty care experts and refined by renowned designers.

We are moving on to create customized solutions for our customers and using our existing know-how and expert knowledge. We use, combine and develop processes even further in order to be able to use these in new products.

In terms of its structure, this luxurious toilet paper resembles the individual layers of a tampon. It combines extreme softness with high absorbance. If the user wants, he can dampen the surface by using the lotion it comes with. The side that the hand is on remains dry, however. Furthermore, unlike normal commercial wet toilet paper, it is completely biodegradable and can therefore be flushed down the toilet without any concerns.