Elastic Applicator

Soft, elastic materials are used in modern Light-Incontinence-Products in order to achieve an
anatomically correct fit. In particular the elastic in the crotch area applications provides additional
leakage protection for your products.

With the W+D Elastic Applicator you are able to implement many of these applications on your
existing production machinery. W+D Elastic Applicator lets you finish your Light Inco production
program independent of your size-parts with only one unit.


  • Processing elastic materials which are pre-stretched in machine direction
  • Simultaneaus use of Elastic Applications on both product sides
  • Centralized pressure gauge for different operational processes
  • Maintenance friendly and user friendly through extendable applicator shaft
  • Quick change system with rails for the removal of the entire unit
  • Can be retrofitted for many production machines


  • Individual adjustment of
    – product length
    – length of the elastic application
    – stretch factor
    due to the use of the most modern single servo drive technology
  • Size adjustment in machine direction with the push of a button through servo drive technology
  • Adjustment to product width independent of size-part with repeatable counter settings
  • Low maintenance, free of cams and accelerators / Rail system allows rapid installation and removal of the entire unit
  • Compact design
  • Expansion of product portfolio is possible on existing machines