W+D BB1000

The one-step envelope converting and inserting solution for completely personalized direct mail letter packages

The power of the envelope is real in the world of direct mail. No longer is high print quality 1:1 direct mail only relegated to a postcard or self-mailer. W+D now takes the proven effectiveness and superiority of an envelope mail package to a new level. Data driven 1:1 personalized envelopes lead to engage and enhance the personalized and complete messaging content inside the envelope. 

The W+D BB1000 produces real envelope mail packages – NOT A WRAP. Complete envelope mail packages with windows, foiling and shape-cut value add enhancements made from your existing digital print.

What can the W+D BB1000 do for you?

  • Optimized total cost of ownership (TCO) with the industry’s highest level of total benefits of ownership (TBO)

  • Secure and intelligent mail piece creation “enveloped-on-the-fly” enabling fastest time-to-mailbox

  • Use your existing digital press assets for, full-face, front and reverse digital printing for individualization or personalization (Read & Print option) in highest print quality

  • Consistent and efficient production as the workflow takes away critical issues with traditional envelopes and the automatic synchronization of personalized insert and envelope utilizing W+D’s patented Auto Mismatch recovery technology.

  • Bundling and commingling opportunity for postage optimization and best capacity utilization

  • Production on demand with consistently high net productivity on customized envelope sizes from, with tightest inserting tolerance for paper reduction 

  • Reduced logistic efforts and expenditures: web to postal tray