W+D TI Program

W+D TI Program

Modernize your production systems for seamless evolution using W+D Quality Services expertise and innovative practices.

No matter how good they are, even the best systems and machines can only continue to perform at their best if they are well maintained and regularly upgraded. W+D offers a comprehensive range of improvement and optimization solutions which we developed to improve the performance and increase the productivity of the W+D production units installed in your plant. With our modernization services, we can offer a full range from standard mechanical/electrical upgrades to complete machine rebuilds and overhauls.


Our R&D department is constantly working on designing and applying cutting-edge, sustainable technology to all W+D machines and systems.

One of our goals is to increase the lifetime of components and reduce the need for maintenance work. We are also working on solutions for your existing systems to smoothen the exchange of single components or complete
modules to increase the durability of your system. To give one example,as pioneers of rotary cutting, W+D has continuously developed and enhanced its sophisticated processes such as cutting cylinders, blade adjustment
devices and laser powder welding processes – to name just a few. At present we have a considerable number of patents, awarded and pending – bearing testimony to our innovation and expertise.

Our service experts will support you on-site and help you to achieve increased durability and improved machine availability with these upgrades. The holistic approach we take when we modify your systems will allow you enjoy to a considerably extended lifespan of your machines and equipment.


Over time, even the best-designed machinery tends to experience some variations in performance compared to when originally delivered. This will be reflected in the output of the system and also in the quality of your product. We strive to define and implement specific upgrades that provide real measurable benefits. W+D optimization strategies can also yield higher levels of safety and efficiency – while considerably improving the quality and versatility of your finished product. These improvements will not only enhance the satisfaction of your customers but can also have a significant impact on your downstream productivity – either in-house or at the sites of your customers and partners.


W+D offers a wide range of solutions that have been specifically developed to optimize your existing machinery, minimize downtimes and increase the productivity of your W+D systems. The optimization upgrades we implementenable you to benefit from the latest technological developments at a fractionof the price of a new machine.

Our service experts have succeeded in developing mechanical and electrical upgrades that increase speed, reduce friction and can transform your production lines into leaner, more cost-effective operations.

Eco Upgrade

W+D is committed to help reducing the impact on climate change by using materials and energy efficient solutions that ensure that both we – and our customers – conserve resources. Increasing efficiency to give our customers positive effects on the bottom line while protecting the environment is our uppermost concern. W+D provides modernization and upgrade solutions that will help improve the lifecycle performance of your existing machinery and plant.
We have taken a number of steps to enhance system efficiency that have reduced the energy consumption of our electric motors, reduced vacuum requirements, and the energy needed for drying and other processes – lowering the direct energy used while performing the work. Furthermore, we have also achieved considerable reductions in the overall noise levels of our systems and have made significant ergonomic improvements to the design of W+D machine components. These measures have already had a proven positive effect on productivity levels and efficiency.

Arrange for a consultation to discover how modifications to your W+D machines can help you meet your company’s environmental goals while also fulfilling your business objectives.