Special envelopes

Direct Mail Envelopes

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing envelopes for use in direct mail. Here, WD envelope machines allow you to realize even your wildest dreams.


By offering you a wide variety of options on special windows, double windows, special flaps, special types of sealing, all types of printing and embossing, we make sure you’ll be able to produce the perfect envelope that meets your needs.


Have a look at our Best of Gallery and get a better feeling for what is possible.

How to Design and Submit a Shape Cut Envelope to get USPS Approval 

W+D proudly received the first USPS approval ruling for automation rates with its W+D “dice” shape (see InFocus November issue) on 12/9/16 as case #80320. To maximize your chance of similar approval, submit 5 initial samples (unstuffed) and 50 samples (stuffed and addressed with the IMb – intelligent mail bar code) to the USPS Pricing and Classification Service Center in New York, NY.


Remember in your design that:

  • The basic envelope must still have rectangular corners on all four sides wherein the top, lead and bottom edge are all straight and the trailing edge is straight at least within 1/8" of the corner (i.e. the shape cannot ever exceed the top or bottom height of the envelope)
  • The shape must be on the trailing edge of the envelope (i.e. to the left of the address window or address block). If you are addressing the window on the flap side, that is ok – your trailing edge would then move accordingly.
  • Both the envelope (as defined in #1) and the shape (defined in #2) must fall within the maximum height aspect ratio of 2.5 (unfortunately, you cannot use the shape as an extension in order to get a “square” envelope to be within the height aspect ratio in order to avoid the one ounce surcharge).
  • Be sure you are converting at least 50# paper and that the shape is comprised of the two sheets (front side seam and back panel) coming together within .040” of each other as the USPS wants to avoid risk of interlocking pieces and has a .007” minimum thickness constraint. 
  • Obey all additional postal regulations in the DMM including window positions and clearances.
  • Refer to the W+D #10 “dice” approval letter case #80320 as further reference for seeking approval along with your submission of 5 unstuffed samples and 50 stuffed/properly IMb addressed samples.

Tip: Keep 5 samples for yourself so you know exactly what the USPS Pricing and Classification Service Center received.

USPS Acceptance Letter for Automation Rates with Shape cut Envelopes